Quick Answer: Do Orthodontists Recommend Smile Direct Club?

Do dentists recommend smile Direct Club?

They require you to visit your dentist and have your entire oral health examined and approved before starting treatment.

The at-home impression kit or in-office digital scan is ONLY used to create your aligners.

They don’t take into consideration gum disease, bone density, root absorption, and so on..

Does orthodontic insurance cover Smile direct?

Yes! Call 800-688-0450 and we’ll be happy to help you process your payment for the remaining balance. Will insurance cover SmileDirectClub aligners? If your dental plan provides orthodontic benefits, you may be eligible for coverage from your insurance company.

Is Smile direct club bad for your teeth?

More complex cases can be handled by Invisalign or braces. In a USA TODAY report on the booming business in December 2018, an independent industry expert said there was no evidence of any significant issues with the SmileDirectClub service.

Does smile Direct hurt?

Having mild pain or sore teeth during the course of wearing your invisible aligners is completely normal.

Can I cancel smile Direct Club?

If you need immediate assistance or need to cancel or change your order, please give us a call at (800) 765-8951 to speak to a SmileExpert (a real human). Otherwise, feel free to email us below. It may take 24 business hours to get back to you, but you’ll hear from us soon.

Does Smile direct club use orthodontists?

SmileDirectClub is an online service advertising teeth straightening and alignment by mail only, no orthodontic visits and at a fraction of the cost of other brands.

Is Smile direct club FDA approved?

There is no investigation into SmileDirectClub by the Federal Drug Administration or the FTC, and SmileDirectClub is in full compliance with FDA regulations, including its 510K manufacturing certification.

Why is Invisalign better than Smile direct?

If getting a quick fix at a low cost is the only factor in deciding between Smile Direct Club vs. … Just as braces are better at fixing more complex dental issues than aligner trays, Invisalign is better for some things than Smile Direct. Smile Direct does well with crowding and gapping of the front six or eight teeth.

Is the smile Direct Club worth it?

In the end, yes, I felt Smile Direct Club’s aligners were worth it. I was ultimately blown away by how quickly I saw results—and for such an affordable cost.

Can Smile direct fix crowded teeth?

Can SmileDirectClub fix crowded teeth? Yes. At SmileDirectClub, your aligner treatment plan is developed and monitored by one of 250+ licensed dentists and orthodontists with experience fixing crowding issues.

Can you cancel smile Direct club at any time?

If you’re past the initial 30-day window, but you are still not happy with your treatment, you can return your unused custom-made SmileDirectClub clear aligners at any time during your Smile Plan (which is what we call your treatment plan) for a prorated refund for all unopened and unused aligners and your impression …