Question: Who Is The New Girl On Access Hollywood?

Who is on Access Hollywood today?

Access Daily Mon-Fri at 7am | Access Hollywood Mon-Fri at 11:30pm.

Access Daily is a spinoff of Access Hollywood.

The daytime talk show – currently hosted by Mario Lopez, Kit Hoover and Scott Evans, features entertainment news stories and in-studio guests..

What has happened to Mario Lopez?

He left Fox for NBC. You’ll now be able to watch Mario spill all of the tea on NBC’s Access Hollywood, and on its daytime equivalent, Access Live. According to TVLine, Mario officially started this exciting new gig as of Monday, Sept.

Are Kit Hoover and Billy Bush still friends?

Will he be back? Hoover, still friends with Bush, defended her former colleague. “He always treated me with kindness, such respect. He treated me like an equal from Day One,” she added.

Who is Mario Lopez’s wife?

Courtney Laine Mazzam. 2012Ali Landrym. 2004–2004Mario Lopez/Wife

Why is Mario not on extra anymore?

The show’s host, Mario Lopez, missed the syndicated series’s most recent taping and has issued an apology following his controversial remarks about transgender children—which drew a rebuke from the show’s own producers. Cohost A.J. Calloway, meanwhile, has been removed from the program following allegations of rape.

What channel is Access Hollywood on directv?


Who is the new host of extra?

Lopez’s move comes as Extra makes the leap to Fox-owned stations this fall with new host Billy Bush.

Who is the girl on extra?

Renee Bargh has been part of the “Extra” family as a correspondent and weekend co-host since 2010. Bargh continues to cover entertainment for “Extra,” while also co-hosting “The Voice Australia” and splitting her time between Los Angeles and Sydney.

Who are the hosts for Access Hollywood?

Kit Hoover2010–Mario Lopez2019–Scott Evans2019–Access Hollywood/Presented by

Who are the hosts of extra?

Extra (American TV program)ExtraGenreEntertainment news magazinePresented byBilly Bush (2019–present)Country of originUnited StatesOriginal languageEnglish16 more rows

What happened to Access Hollywood?

Natalie Morales is bowing out of NBC’s “Access Hollywood” and “Access Live” after three years as co-host of the daily entertainment news programs. … Kit Hoover will remain anchor of the early-evening “Access” newsmagazine, and co-host with Scott Evans of the daytime news and talk show “Access Live.”

How do I contact Access Hollywood?

Contact us at [email protected] Although we can’t respond to every inquiry, if a response is desired, be sure to include: Your name. Your question/comment.

How old is Mario Lopez now?

47 years (October 10, 1973)Mario Lopez/AgeMario Lopez is clearly enjoying his vacation. The 47-year-old actor showed off his toned abs and beautiful wife Courtney Mazza in Instagram photos Thursday.

Where can I Watch Access Hollywood?

Watch Access Hollywood Episodes at

Why did Lopez leave extra?

2 Mario Exits Extra If there were any rumors of beef and if it was true that Lopez did not want her on the show, it truthfully all amounted to naught as Lopez himself exited the show within a few years of time. In 2019, he left the show to pursue a new hosting gig on Access Hollywood, a job which he still retains.

What happened to the show Extra with Billy Bush?

Bush also hosted The Billy Bush Show, a nationally syndicated talk and music radio show that aired from 2008 to 2014. He departed Access Hollywood in 2016 after being named a co-host in the third hour of Today. … Due to this incident, Bush was fired from Today. Bush is now the host of Extra.

Does Mario Lopez have a sister?

Marissa LopezMario Lopez/Sisters