Does James Patrick Stuart Speak French?

How old is Valentin GH?

61The Loop (TV)Valentin CassadineGenderMaleBorn1965(revised to 1976, then 1956), then to 1960 St.

Petersburg, RussiaAge61EducationAttended Bedlington Academy Attended Oxford University17 more rows.

Is Valentin Luke’s son?

He had his DNA stolen and combined with Lulu Spencer’s eggs to create an embryo, which was delivered via surrogate. The resulting child was named Charlotte and Valentine now has a wonderful relationship with her. However, it was later revealed and then confirmed with DNA, that Valentine is not Mikko’s son.

How old is Patrick Stewart?

80 years (July 13, 1940)Patrick Stewart/Age

Who is Valentine Cassadines father?

MikkosAccording to Helena, the illegitimate Valentin had been disowned by his father Mikkos (John Colicos) upon his birth, denying him the privileges of being a Cassadine.

Who is James Patrick Stuart married to?

Jocelyn Stuartm. 2000James Patrick Stuart/Spouse

How tall is James Patrick Stuart?

5ft 11 (180.3 cm) American actor, best known for playing Valentin Cassadine on General Hospital, Dick Roman on Supernatural and for films like The American Gandhi, Gettysburg and Gods & Generals.

Who played Palmer Cortlandt?

James MitchellAll My ChildrenPalmer Cortlandt/Played byJames Mitchell, who played wealthy patriarch Palmer Cortlandt on ABC daytime soap “All My Children” for 30 years, died Friday in Los Angeles of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, complicated by pneumonia.

Who is James Patrick Stuart’s father?

Chad StuartJames Patrick Stuart/FathersStuart’s father is, of course, Chad Stuart, who rose to prominence during the British Invasion of the 1960s as one half of the hitmaking duo Chad & Jeremy.

Who is Valentin cassadine parents?

Alexis DavisHelena CassadineValentin Cassadine/Parents

How old is Anna Devane on General Hospital?

Finola Hughes (born 29 October 1959) is an English actress, television host, entrepreneur, author, and dancer, best known for role as Anna Devane on the ABC soap operas General Hospital and All My Children, and her portrayal of Laura in the 1983 film Staying Alive, the sequel to Saturday Night Fever.

Is the actress who played Helena Cassadine still alive?

Her later career largely has been based in television, with roles as matriarch Clarissa McCandless on the daytime drama Capitol from 1982 to 1987, and the villainous Helena Cassadine on General Hospital, which she began portraying in 1997….Television.Year1961–1965TitlePerry MasonRoleVarious rolesNotes5 episodes43 more columns

Who is the father of Elizabeth Webber’s son Aiden?

Aiden Spencer is a fictional character on the ABC soap opera General Hospital. He is the son of Lucky Spencer and his ex-wife, Nurse Elizabeth Webber. He was formerly believed to be the son of Prince Nikolas Cassadine.

Is Valentin Charlotte’s father?

But it was eventually revealed that Valentin was actually Charlotte’s true father, and later, that Claudette had only carried the child as a surrogate. The egg had come from Lulu Spencer, making Lulu and Valentin Charlotte’s biological parents!

Does James Patrick Stuart play piano?

“I sing, I do the bass and drums, I produce, I’ve written, and I play some of the piano and some of the guitar.” Stuart also called on some of his professional pals — including French horn and sitar players, Wu, and his father’s former partner, Jeremy Clyde.

Will Cooney Cortlandt?

Will Cortlandt is a fictional character from the ABC soap opera, All My Children, portrayed by James Patrick Stuart….Will CortlandtPortrayed byLonnie Quinn (1988-89) James Patrick Stuart (1989-92, 1994)Current statusFormer; RegularDuration1988-92, 1994First appearance198813 more rows